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Hub of the AI Community

AI MTL is a collective who meets regularly to solve problems.

We present real life scenarios and explore possible solutions.

We welcome people from all walks of life to come and exchange ideas that could benefit society.

We also hold true to our original mission to promote all AI events in the city.

Our Mission

We create problem solving sessions around environmental and technological issues where everyone can have their voice heard and share their ideas with the community.

This is for anyone interested in solving real problems.

If you have a problem you would like us to present, contact us and we can start the discussion with our online community.

Our Latest Event

We had a great evening of AI Problem Solving Sessions – Insurtech Edition – Presented by IVADO, AI MTL, Fin-ML and Manulife Tech Talks.

Our friends at Manuvie opened their doors to students, creators, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists to work together to solve problems in the insurance world.

Manuvie’s Principal Enterprise Architect, and two startup founders each presented problems they are working on, we
broke off into small groups to analyze the problems from a number of angles, then brainstormed solutions to share.



Meet Our Speakers

Thierry Leroux-Demers
Thierry Leroux-Demers

Principal Enterprise Architect, Manulife



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